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easyGENETICS invites you to take control of your health, future and wellbeing today through our genetic DNA health test. Our DNA health test uses the latest genetic knowledge to provide you with information that will allow you to live your life to the fullest and plan ahead for the future.

Prevention for your health requires both education and knowledge!
easyGENETICS is a leading international DNA genetic testing company that offers state of the art genetic testing with individual commitment and personal service.
By using the latest science and technology we are able to reveal through your DNA your genetic predisposition for important health conditions and diseases and give you a profile of your genome.

easyGENETICS empowers you with knowledge that allows you to make more informed choices regarding your health and future. The diseases and conditions that are reported within the test are all supported by credible and reliable scientific results that have been validated in accordance with ISO17025 requirements. In addition our testing procedures carry stringent internal quality reviews.

easyGENETICS allows you to gain knowledge and educates yourself on your genetic predisposition for over 25 diseases and conditions that include cardiovascular issues, cancers, immune system disorders, general health issues and more.

Due to our continued commitment and scientific dedication we will also be increasing the number of conditions that can be reported on and these will be offered to our existing clients at reduced prices.

Our DNA genetic health test is one of the most important personal investments you can make in your lifetime!

The results for your DNA genetic test will be available in 15 working days from the time your samples are received at the laboratory and this test will help you achieve the optimum future for your personal health management.

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